Connor Lee O’Keefe (he/him) is a nonfiction filmmaker, artist, and teacher.
He uses a queer lens to shape the realities captured in his films. He tells stories with people that push the boundaries of what it means to live and share the world with others.
He made his first videos alone in his bedroom, exploring gender through YouTube and finding his identity as a trans person at just 12 years old. Years later, these experiences led to OUR TRANSITION, a personal documentary that tells the story of his transition through the perspective of his parents.
His short film IMAGINE A BODY, an essay film on the spiritual nature of hormone replacement therapy for transgender men, premiered in The New Yorker Documentary Series in 2022.
His most recent film, NO MORE LONGING, creates an immersive musical portrait of Brazilian musician Jaime Jobim as he searches for his new voice. It premiered at SFFilm and played at Frameline Film Festival.
He is currently working on multiple film projects, editing, and teaching in Chicago.
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